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Issuance of Business Licenses in Azerbaijan

October 24, 2023

To start a business in Azerbaijan, for most business activities, simply registering the business is sufficient. However, certain specific businesses require licenses (or permits) to engage in. A Business License (Permit) in Azerbaijan is a formal certificate that grants companies and Individual Entrepreneurs the legal right to engage in those specific business activities.

We believe that this blog post will provide valuable information about the requirements and procedures to apply for and obtain business licenses (permits) in Azerbaijan. Additionally, if you require professional legal services and consulting in obtaining such permits in Azerbaijan, you can apply for the services of DLB Consulting.

List of Business Activities in Azerbaijan Requiring Licenses (Permits)

In accordance with the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Licenses and Permits”, it is necessary to obtain a license (permit) to engage in the following types of business activities:

  • Disposal and neutralization of toxic industrial waste;
  • Private medical activity;
  • Pharmaceutical business activities, encompassing the production, wholesale, and retail sale of pharmaceuticals;
  • Production, import, export, transit transportation of precursors;
  • Educational business activities, covering preschool, general, professional-specialized, secondary specialized, higher education and religious education;
  • Business activities related to Communication Services: Organization of telephone and wireless telephone communication, IP telephony, express mail services;
  • Teleradio broadcasting business activities, including television and radio broadcasting;
  • Storage of radioactive and ionizing radiation waste;
  • Transportation of dangerous goods by means of transport;
  • Installation and operation of liquid and natural gas facilities;
  • Mining, mountain and borehole drilling;
  • Installation and repair of elevators;
  • Operation of attractions;
  • Installation and repair of lifting devices, metallurgical equipment, pressure boilers, tanks;
  • Conducting diagnostics and other technical inspections of equipment and technical devices used in potentially dangerous facilities;
  • Fire protection activities;
  • Engineering research works for buildings and facilities requiring construction permits;
  • Construction and installation of buildings and facilities requiring permission;
  • Designing buildings and facilities subject to construction permits and information procedures;
  • Private veterinary practice, Production and sales of veterinary drugs;
  • Production or import of plant protection products and agrochemicals;
  • Organization of individual hunting farms;
  • Supply of raw materials of wild medicinal plants for production;
  • Preparation of various types of seals and stamps.

Application Process to Apply for Business Licenses (Permits) in Azerbaijan:

The relevant state agency issues Business Licenses (Permits) in Azerbaijan, depending on the type of business activity. It’s worth noting that it is possible to apply for business licenses (permits) in Azerbaijan both offline and online. The processing time for business licenses (permits) in Azerbaijan varies based on the type of business activity. Importantly, it should be noted that these licenses (permits) are issued for an unlimited period.

Required documents to apply for a Business License (Permit):

Companies (Individual Entrepreneurs) or their legal representatives should simply collect the following documents and apply accordingly to obtain a Business License (Permit):

  • Application form;
  • A Copy of an Extract from the State Register (if the applicant is a legal entity, a branch or representative office of a foreign legal entity);
  • A copy of the identity card (if the applicant is an individual entrepreneur);
  • A copy of the applicant’s taxpayer registration certificate;
  • A copy of a document confirming the applicant’s right to ownership, use, or lease for each mentioned object in the application ( if the activity requiring the license is related to the object);
  • Depending on the type of activity, documents confirming the fulfillment of the conditions defined by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan and additional conditions defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Legal Services to Obtain Business Licenses (Permits) in Azerbaijan

We believe that this blog post has provided you with detailed information about the requirements, application process of Business Permits (Licenses) in Azerbaijan. If you need professional legal assistance or consulting with obtaining Business Licenses (Permits) in Azerbaijan, please feel free to reach out to DLB Consulting.


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